Hey ya'll, I am Kayla your Charlotte wedding photographer. I am sure common thought is why my businesses name is bock babes. Honestly, I wanted to name my company after something that is my "reason" what many business coaches or self help books would say is your why. Mine is my babies which I keep having! Instead of initials I thought why not call it how it is. everyone refers to my kiddos as bock babes and it kind of stuck with me! If you have had the chance to brows my packages you'll notice they are all the names of my children in order. its special to me. 
I am a wedding photographer in North Carolina and more specifically a wedding photographer in Charlotte, NC and the triad area. I also travel for weddings, elopement's and everything in between. I love photographing it all. being apart of your special memories is the biggest honor that you could bestow on a photographer. 
Originally from upstate New York I found myself traveling all over. I lived in NC, NY, CA, VA and SC briefly.  My Husband is a Marine and a pilot who can literally fix anything that has a motor. I have three beautiful babies all under five. they are approx. two years apart and keep me very busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. we also have a family dog named hoover aka hoovie. 

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